I believe that Nigeria, and indeed Africa in general, have both the human and material potentials to turn around their fortunes within two decades. This can, however, only become a reality if there is synergy between public policy and entrepreneurial effort. Given the right public policies, Nigerian and African youth should be supported to take on this onerous task. It is the individual and collective responsibility of Nigerians and Africans to achieve the economic and social reliefs that is perfectly possible in the country and the continent within a quarter of a lifetime. This site is a platform geared to contribute towards the entrepreneurial education of our people. 
Musbahu El Yakub
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The objective of this blog is to help educate Nigerian entrepreneurs. Our posts provide insightful and educational reminders for Nigerian entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurial ‘tit-bits’ are thought-provoking abridged posts ‘on the go’.



We provide free generic training programs for start-up entrepreneurs. We also provide paid industry-biased training programs for both start-up and growth entrepreneurs.  All programs are facilitated by experienced consultants.  



The modern-day entrepreneur must be current in understanding local and global topical issues if they are to stand a good chance of success. We provide updates on technology, systems, process, business and economics news to our followers.


Raising funds is critical to business take-off, survival and growth. We help entrepreneurs raise funds for different purposes. We advise on the best best funding structure for start-up or business expansion.




We are sometimes able to link budding entrepreneurs with more experienced entrepreneurs. This service helps the young entrepreneur in achieving desired results and saving them from avoidable losses.


By nature and nurture, the entrepreneur might be competitive. However, collaboration helps provide  alternative perspectives and solutions. We provide online and regular meet for sharing of ideas as well as business networking. 



Documentation and the Entrepreneur

Some few years ago, a bank that had acquired another made contact with a small IT company I was associated with. In an aggressive way, the bank demanded for loan repayment it claimed the company owed the bank it had acquired. Apparently, the acquiring bank had fired all the staff

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‘WE HAVE A PROBLEM’ – Handling Business Crises

Individuals and organisations face crises at various points in their lives. How we handle the crises we face may affect, for better or worse, everything else that happens in the future. At an extreme end, poor handling of crises can actually lead to the demise of a business. As an

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The Circles of Relationships

The innate social disposition of the human being necessitates that long-term and sustainable success is predicated on the extent of healthy relationships with other people. Different individuals may have different social inclinations as well as ‘needs’ for different extents of interactions with others. However, what is incontestable is that we

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My Books: Place Your Order

I have, so far, authored three books that will certainly help the entrepreneur. The first book is on business start up in Nigeria. This is a very important book as it brings out the several issues that must be considered before starting a business. Ideas generation, idea testing, feasibility study,

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Wrong Business Assumptions can Kill: The A380 Story

Every business makes certain assumptions, deliberately or unconsciously. Industries are created or disrupted when assumptions made are proven true by markets. All successful businesses are built on assumptions that prove true. The development and growth of the fast foods industries, as well companies like Amazon are examples. Similarly, losses and

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SAIL YOUR BOAT - Success is a Lifestyle and a Journey

A universal definition of success is discussed as well as the imperatives of success. I also discussed success myths and the counter-traits of success people. Available in print on Amazon as well as the Kindle version. 

Starting a Business - A Guide for Start-up Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Critical and practical issues in starting a business in Nigeria are discussed. Topical issues are discussed and contextualised. The book is available for download upon payment.

Business Borrowing - Etiquette, Principles and Processes

Borrowing is sometimes necessary in business. However, the entrepreneur must think through the issues and be aware of the etiquette, principles and processes of business borrowing.

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Anti-Corruption Compliance: A Guide for Mid-Sized Companies in Emerging Markets


My videos, starting soon, will be short and aimed at present issues and solutions to the day-to-day entrepreneurial challenges in a developing economy. 

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"Mom painted dozens of variations and studies of the Joshua tree. We'd go with her and she'd give us art lessons. One time I saw a tiny Joshua tree sapling growing not too far from the old tree. I wanted to dig it up and replant it near our house. I told Mom that I would protect it from the wind and water it every day so that it could grow nice and tall and straight.Mom frowned at me. "You'd be destroying what makes it special," she said. "It's the Joshua tree's struggle that gives it its beauty."- Jeannette Walls in her over 260-week New York Times best selling memoir, 'The Glass Castle'

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Monthly Entrepreneurial Challenge

Living a successful life as an entrepreneur requires dedication and discipline. Every month, we put a simple challenge across to help you develop the basics of routine that is necessary for success.This month, your challenge is to ensure that you do the following every day and night:• Before you retire for the day, review what you did in the day. Accept what you did wrong and think through how you should do the same thing but better next time; Commend yourself for the things you did right and well; Plan what you need to do tomorrow.• Retire as early in the night as is possible and wake up as early as as is possible, ensuring that you had some minimum number of hours' rest. Make the retirement and wake up time pretty the same over the month. That is all!

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