You Don’t Need a Job…

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Aperture Consulting is commencing a free entrepreneurship training program titled ‘You Don’t Need A Job – Create One!’ for interested youths.

The program is developed for school leavers and graduates who are not employed but wish to start or are already starting a business. The program will be virtual and will run for two months on Saturdays between 9.30am and 11.30am.

The modules to be covered are:

1. Changing Your Mindset and Attitude
2. Generating and Testing Business Ideas
3. Business Planning
4. Financing Your Business
5. You Must Sell!
6. Records Keeping
7. Execution
8. When Things Go Wrong
9. Scenarios
10. Putting Everything Together

For the first program run starting 3rd October 2020, twenty (20) participants will be accepted.

Those willing to support our youths to attend can nominate deserving and interested candidates and provide them with internet data bundle for the duration of the program. Expression of interest should be communicated strictly on WhatsApp (to 07035228010) providing the following details:

•Highest educational qualification
•Year of graduation
•Present engagement

Only accepted candidates will be contacted.

Certificates will be issued at the end of full and successful attendance.

For more details, please visit


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