‘Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Nigeria – A Post-COVID-19 Perspective’ – A Webinar

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It is very sad that our people, of various demographics, are unable to ‘see’ and tap into the enormous entrepreneurial opportunities in Nigeria. Fortunately, this is completely reversible by enlightening ourselves about the abundant opportunities available as well as changing our mindsets.

This webinar seeks to bring out how to identify, assess and seize business opportunities in our country.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Opportunities in Crisis!
  • Generate business ideas
  • Assess business opportunities
  • Identify areas of business disruptions
  • Plan your business takeoff
  • Plan your response to disruptions
  • Execute your plans
  • Monitor and control your business

Target:                                           All those interested in or already running their businesses.

Language of Communication: English

Date:                                            Saturday 20th June 2020

Time:                                            11.00am to 1.00pm

Free private business   

advisory:                                       2.00pm to 3.00pm *

Fees:                                               N10,00.00 (Ten thousand Naira only)

Payment to:                                  Aperture Consulting

Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Account number 0071871652

(Send your name, email, telephone number and payment details to aperture@apertureconsulting.ng and/or WhatsApp number 0703 522 8010.)**

Chief Facilitator:                           Musbahu El Yakub

                                                         (Entrepreneur. Author. Consultant)

For more details about us:         www.apertureconsulting.ng


*By prior arrangement by mail

**Login details to be sent to you upon confirmation of payment

All participants will receive a free copy of our revised and updated e-book, STARTING A BUSINESS – A Guide for Start-up Nigerian Entrepreneurs.

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