Entrepreneurial Tit-bits: Strive to be Discriminated by the Fishes!

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President Hoover of the United States took to fishing through which, he said, presidents might escape to their own thoughts, away from the ‘pneumatic hammer of constant personal contacts’. Moreover, he added, ‘.. it is a constant reminder of the democracy of life, of humility and human frailty– for all men are equal before fishes. And it is desirable that the President of the United States should be periodically reminded of this fundamental fact- that the forces of nature discriminate for no man.’

To succeed in life, irrespective of your calling, you have to not only understand the last sentence but live by it in a way that works. My book, SAIL YOUR BOAT – Success is a Lifestyle and a Journey, discussed the supremacy of various social laws on our lives as well as what ‘disrupts’ them. These disruptions do exist and are commonly seen in physical laws. But you have to know what causes them.

In addition to knowing, understanding and living by those laws, we must also learn to ‘enjoy’ them, even as we may not like their punishing actions on us when they hit us. Sometimes the hit is a result of our inaction or wrong actions. In these cases, we should understand that so that we can make amends. Other times, it is just the way things work in life, particularly when we are working to stretch our capacities. For entrepreneurs, this will be a common occurrence in life, especially at start-up and growth stages. While we must strive to smooth the rough ages, we have to be ready for cuts from time to time. Understanding how things work and managing your internal discourse is key to this ability.

As long as you are in legitimate pursuit, continue to do the best you can. The forces of nature can, and do, discriminate in favour of the men and women who do the right things and apply their all without relent. Otherwise, you will be, to the fishes, like the rest.

My book, referred to above, discusses the laws, the disruptions and how you can ride the two. When you ‘ride’ on the laws and their ‘disruptions’, the fishes will discriminate in your favour!


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