SAIL YOUR BOAT – Success is a Lifestyle and a Journey

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Irrespective of your calling in life, you need to define what success is. Unless this is done correctly, individuals and societies end up working hard on wrong premises and even achieving laurels that end up meaning nothing or only little to them.

It is against this background that I wrote my book, SAIL YOUR BOAT – Success is a Lifestyle and a Journey. Several issues are discussed to help you identify the following and more:

Fundamentals of success

The success metrics

Traits of Successful people

Myths about success

The five imperatives of success

The book is available on Amazon in paperback ( and Kindle.

You could also order locally in Nigeria by paying N5,400.00 in the following account for self-collection in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Kaduna. A delivery charge of N1,000.00 for any other location in Nigeria should be paid.

Account name: Aperture Consulting

Account number: 0071871652

Bank: Union Bank of Nigeria plc.

About Me

My name is Musbahu El Yakub. I am an entrepreneur, a consultant and an author. I desire to help, guide and support start-up and growing entrepreneurs. I try to do this by providing them with information, tools and guidance..

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