About me

My name is Musbahu El Yakub and my desire is to provide entrepreneurial and life education and support to as many young Nigerians as is possible.

I studied Nuclear Physics for my first degree, graduating with upper second class at the age of nineteen and among the top two students. I immediately started my working career as a University lecturer and Research Assistant, during which period I also completed my Masters degree in the same field. After this brief stint as a lecturer, I went on to study Business Administration, graduating as the best student in my MBA class.

Banking became my next profession in which I rose to become a Manager and Branch Head. After leaving banking, I worked as General Manager in one of the largest conglomerates in Nigeria.

During my working career, I moonlighted in several businesses. These included business consultancy, poultry farming, importation of computer parts and components, soap production, etc. I made relatively good money and also lost substantial sums! Like with all entrepreneurs, these several and varied experiences shaped and strengthened me, as well as flared more interest in entrepreneurship.  

In the course of my journey, one of the fundamental realisations I made is that many brilliant and determined young Africans lack the guidance and support they need to nurture into successful businessmen and women. It is therefore part of my aspirations, to create a platform that will provide this guidance and support. If this blog helps one young person into becoming a successful businessman or woman, I will deem it a success. And of course the more the merrier!

I have written e-books on starting a business and business borrowing as well as a self-development book that are particularly applicable and relevant to Africa.