What Books Will You Read in 2019?

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Many people plan against upcoming new years. Plans on finances, habits, relationships, etc. are made elaborately. But do you have plans on what books you will read in the coming year?

The most successful people in the world continuously make conscious efforts to develop themselves in various facets of life. One of the areas they make deliberate choices is in building their knowledge base. They, for instance,  attend formal courses which takes them away from their routines for several days in a year. But one of the most effective ways they, gradually but assuredly, build knowledge base is through the reading of books.

Reading books should, however, not be a haphazard or a ‘spur’ of the moment activity. It should be deliberate and planned.

How should you go about it?

  • First, decide how many books you can realistically read within the year. Set this as a personal target.
  • (Being a member of a reading club, physical or online, will help you make book selections easier as other members can make recommendations that save you time. Otherwise, reviewing the various online booksellers can also help you make selections.)
  • Second, select the genres you need to develop on. Don’t just select one or two, but don’t go too wide either. Select some in your profession as well as others from, for instance, classics, biographies, self-development and spirituality, etc. Ensure, also, to include an ‘off area’ of interest that you wish to become knowledgeable in, say ‘Egyptian History’ or ‘Slave Trade’ or any subject or issue that attracts your fancy. Whatever other ‘off areas’ you include, start with a book and get as many books, over subsequent years, as you need to really be knowlegeable the subject. It is much easier than we tend to think it is.
  • Third, work out a sequence in which you would want to read the books. Then buy at least the first two of the books. Before you finish reading the second of the first two, make sure you buy the next two in your sequence. The idea is that you must have two books available at any point time. Having no book at any point will cost you time wasted and knowledge not gained before you get another book.
  • Fourth, you should physically have with you the book you are reading as much as possible so that you can make the maximum use of possible ‘reading windows’. These include the time you spend at train stations, airports and while commuting. Other ‘reading windows’ may include the times you await others at receptions for appointments and meetings. These hours, otherwise wasted, can be put to productive use if you have your book with you.

Whilst our reading appetites generally differ, there are some books that get us thinking regardless of our specific interests. I am sure my book, SAIL YOUR BOAT – Success is a Lifestyle and a Journey, is one such and you should include it in your 2019 reading list. It is available on Amazon both in paperback and Kindle. If, however, you are in Nigeria and want it delivered to you wherever you are in the country, you can buy it here.

One final thing, keep your reading target to yourself. You are competing against yourself and science has proven that targets such as these are best achieved when they are kept private.

Have a well-read 2019!

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