We are Building a Database of Prospective Mentors

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From providing education to opportunities for apprenticeship and the like, all societies support their youth to some extent. These and more are necessary if the youth are to be sufficiently prepared to take over leadership in the private and public sectors of the society. Whilst we all tend to focus on the legitimate and primary responsibility of supporting our family members, supporting others out of this immediate circle goes a long way in fostering further development of and goodwill in the society.

It is on this basis that this blog is building a database of Nigerian youth wishing to have a mentor or the opportunity for apprenticeship and other training. We are therefore equally desirous of building a database of mentors that can be matched with the mentees.

  • Whilst we exercise caution by getting what we consider basic information about both individuals, it is the responsibility of the mentor and mentee to make further checks and ensure that they relate with each responsibly,
  • Typically, mentor and mentee will be in the same city or state,
  • The primary role of the mentor is to provide guidance services and no financial involvement so that the relationship is not complicated or strained,
  • It is the responsbility of each party to ensure integrity of association,
  • A mentor who, having satisfied himself with the mentee’s moral standing and competence can consider introducing the mentee to other service providers in pursuance of some legitimate objective,
  • This blog and those that work for it are absolved of any responsibility associated with the relationship of the mentor and the mentee.

On the basis of the above, we are requesting for details from inetrested prospective mentors. Kindly complete the form below.

By completing the form, you accept that you of legal age and are fully responsible of the relationships and contracts you go into.

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Feature photo credit: Monica Melton on Unsplash

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