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Training - Musbahu El Yakub


GLOBALISATION AND COMPETITION: At a micro level, all organisations deploy massive hard and soft assets in building an infrastructure base on which they aspire to achieve their objectives. At a macro level, Nigeria as an emerging economy is faced with a multitude of social, political and economic challenges that must be overcome if we are to achieve our national developmental objectives. Globalisation and consequential intense competition have also added to the pressure institutions must be able to bear if they are to survive and excel in contemporary and emerging operating environments. Fortunately, these twin factors also offer opportunities for organizations to scale and grow their activities.

HUMAN CAPITAL: The most valuable resource that any organization, private or public, has is its human capital. It is the knowledge, skills and attitude of the organisation’s human capital that makes it possible to achieve its desired objectives. The ultimate success of any nation is a multiple of the individual personal and corporate successes. Organisations that aim to succeed must, therefore, act knowledgeably and deliberately in all personnel matters, from recruitment to disengagement and everything in-between. In fact, conscientious organizations will be strategically involved in matters of potential staff even before recruitment and after their disengagement. Any organisation that takes staff matters seriously stands a very good chance to succeed in its spheres of operations and responsibility.

To achieve its various level objectives, an organisation must not only deploy the necessary structures, they must also develop their human capital. The battle for the heart and soul of societies and markets is won by the organisations that continuously train, motivate and empower their workforce. It is therefore imperative for modern day organsiations to be proactive as well as responsive in these high flux environments by rigorously and continuously training their staff.

TRAINING PROGRAMS: We represents a new and genuine commitment to help maximize staff performance in key sectors of our national economy. In conjunction with our local and foreign partners, in industry and academia, we are able to tailor, structure and deliver various training programs for both our public and private sectors.

Our human capacity development training courses for various levels of staff in organisations include the following areas:

  • Change Management
  • Emotional Intelligence and NLP
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance Investments and Accounts
  • Budgeting
  • Cost Management and Control
  • Revenue Generation and Management
  • Personal Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Management and Customer Service
  • Strategy, Planning and Execution
  • Supervisory Leadership Development
  • Retirement Planning, etc.

The objective of our various training programs is to open up the utilization of individual and group potential capabilities (attitudes, knowledge, and skills). This will result in enhancing their personal efficiency, productivity and loyalty to, and effectiveness/profitability for the organisation.

We train locally in Nigeria and offshore.

Our other services include training and needs assessments; staff outsourcing; recruitment, retirement planning, etc.

Contact us on melyakub@melyakub.com and/or aperture@melyakubinvestments.ng to discuss your staff training needs.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” –John F. Kennedy