Staff Training and Development

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images-81-2All entrepreneurs need to constantly keep developing and improving themselves and their staff. We have two training programs available geared towards this objective. One program is conducted in partnership with Leadership Paradigm Consultants Limited. These are short classroom-fashioned courses and they are paid. They will be regularly announced on this site. The other training programs we recommend are free and online. These courses are from ALISON (‘Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online’). ALISON is a pioneer in a unique education and training model that allows all learning, assessment, testing, and verification to be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere for free. It currently has 4 million learners and 400,000 graduates worldwide with 200,000 new users signing up every month.

You can contact us for further details and clarifications on the above products and services.

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My name is Musbahu El Yakub. I am an entrepreneur, a consultant and an author. I desire to help, guide and support start-up and growing entrepreneurs. I try to do this by providing them with information, tools and guidance..

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