Living Success (Series)

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No matter the role you are playing in life, these are indeed very ‘noisy’ times. From distractions to outright wrong information and ‘principles’, we are daily bombarded by people and modern communication tools. Unless, our feet are fully grounded, we run the risk of putting effort and committing resources but not achieving the meaningful lifestyle we rightfully desire.

Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing the key issues of success in life devoid of the hyperbole we are, sadly, not only ‘used to’ but expect from professionals, mentors and other seniors! The first issue to be discussed is ‘Simplicity is Elegant and Effective’ and will be released tomorrow. 10th June 2018

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My name is Musbahu El Yakub. I am an entrepreneur, a consultant and an author. I desire to help, guide and support start-up and growing entrepreneurs. I try to do this by providing them with information, tools and guidance..

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