Free Training Programs for Start-up Entrepreneurs on How to Access Nigerian Government Intervention Funds

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(Course Ref: FTP17/01):

We have free training programs for start-up entrepreneurs on how to access various business intervention funds from the government of Nigeria. The program includes the following training modules:

  • Moral and legal obligations of debt
  • Needs assessment
  • Nigerian government funding options for start-up businesses
  • Processes and requirements

Venues and dates: The programs are scheduled to take place at Abuja, Kano and Lagos on dates to be announced in January 2017. Follow us.

Program fees: The program is FREE for all members of National Youth Service Corps and other graduates of 35 years and below.

Duration: One day (9am to 5pm)

Limited spaces: There are only limited spaces available and each applicant is required to register. Approved applicants will be required to re-confirm their attendance one week prior to the date of the programs.

Register by completing the details below. Indicate the course reference and location, and your age, sex and highest academic qualification attained in that order.

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